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KATALIZATOR BY MOZZART: Open call for online startup program

Feb 19, 2024

KATALIZATOR BY MOZZART: Open call for online startup program

If you are part of a team that develops a technological idea, this is the right opportunity for you! KATALIZATOR BY MOZZART is an intensive program lasting 11 weeks, intended for teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have a technological idea in the early stages of development. And when we say in the early stages of development, we mean that teams should only have an idea, of course, researched enough to convince us that there is potential for its scalable growth.

The program is organized entirely online, and the teams will have the opportunity to:
- create a business model for your idea
- create a value proposition
- go through the Customer Development process and a series of interviews, tests, and experiments to come into contact with potential first clients,
- develop Low Fidelity MVP,
- present themselves to regional investment funds,
- win a prize of 10,000 KM!

Participants will have the opportunity to go from idea to first clients, users or testers with the support of regional experts. People who are active participants in the regional startup ecosystem, serial entrepreneurs, and people who lead existing and develop new startups or invest in them will work with them.

The application deadline for participating in the program is March 15. 10 selected teams will participate in the program and will actively work on the development of their idea from April 2nd to June 12th.

The organizer of the KATALIZATOR BY MOZZART program is the company Virtuo, and the co-organizers are B Office and ICT Hub.

The general sponsor of this year's KATALIZATOR program is the company Mozzart, which is always there to support promising teams with great ideas. Project partners are Silicon Gardens, ICT Hub Ventures, Fondacija 787, Fil Rouge Capital, Vrbas Capital, BH TechLab, 5th Quarter Ventures, South Central Ventures, and the Vestbee platform.

You can find more about the KATALIZATOR BY MOZZART program on the website www.katalizator.ba, where there is also an application form.