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Terms of Use

Virtuo llc (Hereinafter: Virtuo) created the website www.virtuo.global in order to provide information to its users.

The use of the website www.virtuo.global is a subject to these Terms of Use, so the users of the website are obliged to read the Terms of Use carefully and comply with them. By using and accessing this website, it will be deemed that users have given an unconditional consent to these Terms of Use, that they have read and understood them.

Virtuo can, for any reason, and without prior notification of users, make changes to the Terms of Use. Continuation of the use of the website by users after the modification of the Terms of Use shall be deemed to be the consent of users to such modifications.


In no case shall Virtuo, or any other natural person or legal entity involved in the creation, production or distribution of this website, or any related content, be liable for any damages that may arise as a result of use, or because of the inability to use this website. The user explicitly confirms that the terms of this chapter apply to the entire contents of this website.

In addition to the above terms, neither Virtuo nor the information providers or content editing partners shall be liable, irrespective of the cause or duration of any errors, inaccuracies or other defects, inadvertence or inaccuracy of the information located on this website, as well as for any delay or interruption in the transmission of information to users, for any claims or losses arising therefrom. None of the parties listed above will be liable for any claims or losses of a third party, including lost profits.

The user accepts to independently evaluate the content of the information and accordingly takes the risk and responsibility for use of such information and for the events that may occur due to use of such information.

Under no circumstances Virtuo will be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the users reliance on information obtained through this website. The user is responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, attitude, advice or other content available through the website.

Content of third party websites

Some parts of the contents of this website may be property of third parties (texts, data or derivatives of any kind) or they may contain links leading to third party websites which bear full criminal and civil liability for security, lawfulness and truthfulness of their contents and services, where at the same time Virtuo is excluded from any kind of liability.

Virtuo cannot provide a guaranty that the users of the website have any right to use contents that represent the intellectual property of third parties, and which are available on the website. Users must obtain the owner’s approval of such content before they use or store it. The content protected by copyright cannot be changed or published without obtaining the necessary consent.

Virtuo sets these links for easier and more efficient use of the Internet for the users of its website. Virtuo does not have any control over the websites that can be accessed through this website or which are in any way accessible through it, and owned by third parties, or over their contents, and therefore Virtuo does not provide support, does not advise and does not in any case bear any kind of responsibility for such websites and their contents.

Modifying the website

Virtuo reserves the right to modify or withdraw part or all of the website at any time without prior notice to users. Any changes made shall be deemed valid after the user, registered user or a third party visits that website. Users, registered users or third parties are not entitled to compensation for any kind of damage due to their inability to use it.

The user undertakes to periodically and repeatedly read the Terms of Use in order to become aware of any changes. If a user uses the website after changing the Terms of Use, it is assumed that he/she is familiar with the changes, understands them and fully accepts them.

Intellectual property

These websites contain materials protected by copyright, trademark and design, as well as other information covered by other rights of natural or legal persons, including but not limited to texts, software, photographs, video materials, graphics, music, sound, as well as the entire contents of the website in accordance with the applicable regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All materials (texts, photographs, pictures, drawings, audio and video materials, etc.), trademarks of products and services, logos, and all other contents contained on the website belong to Virtuo exclusively, or they are used only with the consent of the copyright holder or holder of the rights to the trademark and/or design. Any violation of these conditions may result in a violation of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, which can lead to a civil and/or criminal and/or demeanour proceedings against the perpetrator. It is not permitted to copy, redistribute, re-transfer, release or commercially use the downloaded material without the explicit written authorisation of Virtuo and the copyright holder.

Users can download, print and store copyrighted material for personal use only. Use and printing of content from this website is permitted solely for the purpose of informing and for personal, non-commercial purposes of users.

Virtuo does not have the obligation to report to users, or provide assistance in determining whether certain material is protected, i.e. eligible for copyright protection.

By using or accessing this site, users do not acquire, explicitly or implicitly, any license or right to use a trademark, patent, design, copyright or other right belonging to Virtuo and/or a third party. Users bear responsibility for respecting copyright and other intellectual property rights regarding this content.

Trademarks and brand of Virtuo cannot be used in any way or reproduced without the prior written consent of Virtuo.

The right to use information received by users

All information that Virtuo receives from the users of the website (including but not limited to personal data, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, miscellaneous copies or other types of data) are not considered confidential information. Virtuo may disclose, multiply and use such information in whole or in certain parts for any purpose and without limitation, except when there are imperative legal restrictions.

User behaviour

This website is privately owned by Virtuo. All mutual interactions on this website must be in accordance with the Terms of Use, and it is required that all activities related to the use of this website are in accordance with the positive legal regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Users’ obligations

You use this site directly for your own individual needs. In case you have your username and/or password, you are deemed to agree that they are kept secret, and you agree to notify Virtuo directly as soon as you determine any unauthorised use of your username and/or password. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage that may arise during the unauthorised use of the username and/or password.

As a user of this website you agree to use the website in accordance with the Terms of Use.

As a user of this website you agree that:

  • 1. when using it, you do not perform, in accordance with your capabilities and knowledge or inadvertent, any actions that are contrary to the existing legal regulations
  • 2. you will not use it to conduct business activities or activities of any kind that are contrary to the existing legal regulations.
  • 3. you will inform Virtuo directly about any changes affecting your information given through the possible registration process. It is your responsibility to make sure that such data is fully up-to-date.

General conditions

If any of the foregoing provisions cannot be applied, this will in no way affect the sufficiency and validity of the other provisions of these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use represent the expressed consent of the will between each individual user and Virtuo, which regulate the access and the use of the website by users. These Terms of Use are the only relevant act that regulates the subject area and will prevail in the case of any other written agreement between the individual user and Virtuo regarding the use of this website.

These Terms of Use are made and shall be interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all disputes that may arise regarding the use of this website shall be decided at the competent court in Banjaluka.